Auto Component

Auto Component Division is committed to the design and production of green, comfortable and innovative high-end functional parts. After the acquisition, Quin is merged into the Division and thus subject to the company’s collective management. The new Division now provides turbo exhaust systems and turbo air intake systems, high-end steering wheels, windscreen washer systems, air management systems and high-end interior trims, most of which achieve high market share in China. Meanwhile, it also cooperates with the company’s Auto Electronic Information Division and Auto Safety Products Division, serving as a supplier of comfortable auto interior trims.

Air Intake Systems

The intake system is essential to increasing power output, engine performance, fuel economy and engine service life.

Joyson Electronics has made many advanced achievements in this field and has been awarded numerous patents. With multiple performance simulations in the product pre-development process and powerful testing instruments, we managed to enhance product exploitation efficiency to ensure the most rational product evolution. Joyson Electronics’ lightweight design concept is in line with energy-saving guidelines in China. High manufacturing automation levels ensure outstanding product quality, leading to high innovation and quality performance, resulting in engine air-intake systems leadership.

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Washer System

Washing system provided the the important guarantee for comfort of the car and safetyf.

Analog auxiliary pre-development, anti-electromagnetic interference technology, cleaning efficiency, so as to enhance the driving safety; platform application development philosophy, shorten development cycles, reduce development costs; lightweight design concept to achieve the energy conservation requirements; implementation of precision manufacturing technology, standard modular production mode, to achieve a virtuous cycle of the product quality and production scale.

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Air Management System

The Vehicle air manage system is a set of appearance requirements, operating feel, acoustics, and function in a function of automotive interior product.

Today, Joyson Electronics has achieved fruitful results in this field. Scale production to ensure that the customer demand for quality consistency; diversification of the design concept, the innovation of the manufacturing process to meet customer demand for personalized; introduction of the concept of environmental protection, heritage car professionalism.

Sync with the client the same platform to develop the capacity and performance, and ultimately won a good reputation, and lay the foundation for Joyson Electronics as a leader in the domestic market, and also improve the competitiveness in the international market.

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Mirror System

Rearview mirrors provide driver visibility on both vehicle sides and the rear. Mirror vibration, particularly in luxury and heavy vehicles, may result in image blurring and the loss of rear vision. This may adversely affect the driver, the control of the car, and hence driving safety.

Huade ,a rear view mirrors specialist, monitors and controls the process data in both the pre-development and development stage.  If a model does not meet our quality standards, it may be dismissed, although safe for drivers. Furthermore, each mirror must go through a vision analysis in the post- development stage.  Optical vibration and regulations calibration experiments ensure the safety of Huade Rear View Mirrors in use. High quality standards produce products that lay the foundation for our leading position in the field.

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Front Griller

The front grille is a component surrounding the opening on the vehicle front that allows air to enter and heat to exit. Because it is one of the first things that attracts attention, it therefore becomes the carmaker’s stylish face.

Joyson Electronics capabilities have produced extensive results in this area, particularly the successful application of its unique hot stamping technology in the grille finishing process, instead of a chroming process, which avoids environmental pollution. This has been well-received by Volkswagen and other OEM customers.

With rich design experience, an innovative manufacturing process and efficient mass production, we bring a strong competitiveness to the front grille of the vehicle .

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Fuel Tank Door

Huade has a lot of The fuel tank door ensures the security of the fuel tank and is also a part of the vehicle body appearance.

Joyson Electronics has earned many achievements and patents in this field. The plastic used in the part replaces the metal to achieve a lighter weight, and offers more possibility for dimensional matching. The fuel tank door with sensors always detects the fuel tank door open/close status, and ensures fuel tank security and driving safety. Joyson patents testify to their expertise.

These factors comprise Joyson’s core competence to be a major supplier with highest share in the domestic market.

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Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel is one of the core businesses of Quin GmbH (the subsidiary company of Joyson Electronics). And Quin is the supplier of Steering Wheel and Interior Components for the premium cars in Germany. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and many other OEMs are Quin’s customers. In its niche market in automotive industry, Quin’s been the global leader. Currently with more than 1000 employees, Quin has the R&D, Sales and Production facility in Germany, Poland, Romania and China.

Quin’s products cover from advanced natural material, composite material to various new-type and environmental material like aluminum and carbon fiber. With novel design concept and flexible tooling, the steering wheel keeps the specialty of being ‘Concise, Luxury, Fashion and Environmental’.

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